Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We want you to choose whatever you’re craving at that time for the following week!

We currently deliver on Wednesdays and Thursdays from about 9-3 (depending on where the route takes the delivery driver). Delivery is $5.

We understand things come up – simply message us on the available chat and we will get things settled.

We are working on being as precise as possible with the deliveries, so we appreciate your patience. If you have questions on delivery day about when your delivery will get there, just message us and we can give you an estimate.

No problem! We love delivering to offices OR you can leave an ice chest out on your porch and the meals will be good until you can get to them.

Yes! We love pick up orders! Pick up is free and can be done Tuesday or Wednesday 3:30-5:30 depending on when you choose it.

We don’t currently customize meal options but plan to figure out how to do minor customizations in the future.

When you get them meals, you can either take the lid off or leave it on and microwave it for two or so minutes (depending on your microwave.)

Ordering is open from Sunday at 6am until Saturday at 11:59pm.

Low-carb and low-calorie is different for everyone based on their body type and needs. Because of this, we cannot specify anything is low-carb or low-calorie. We offer bowls with and without grains each week so you have options to choose from.

We don’t currently offer macros or nutrition facts because we are mainly focused on using whole food ingredients in our meals to put some really good, unprocessed food into your body. We have a resource you can use to get macros if you’d like them. It’ll be an estimate but usually does the trick for anyone counting macros.

Our meals can ABSOLUTELY help you lose weight if you are someone who is used to eating processed foods or foods higher in sugar. Because everyone’s body is different, we can never guarantee our meals will make you lose weight (nor can any other company). However, a side-effect of eating healthy, whole food is often decreased inflammation or weight loss.

Absolutely! We love fresh meals but our meals freeze well and can simply be microwaved for a bit longer if frozen!

If refrigerated, we recommend eating within 7 days of the “prepped on” date. If frozen, we recommend eating within 6 months.

One meal feeds one adult (or multiple small children).

Our minimum order for pick up is 3 meals and our minimum for delivery is 5 meals.

We offer a point system! Spend $1 and get one point. When you earn 100 points, you’ll get a savings reward on your next order.

Yes! We love when you tell your friends about us! Get $10 when your referral orders meals!