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Fuel your body with fresh food.

Let us help you fuel your body with fresh food!

FreshFuel began in 2017 by sharing recipes with family and friends promoting clean eating. That idea created a social media brand focused on personal meal prep and achieving health goals. After several years of giving general health advice and counsel on “all things meal prep”, clients and friends begged us to actually cook the meals we were giving them recipes for. With a lot of prayer and patience, the right situation came up in 2022 and we began our meal prep journey. Thanks for being with us as we go❤

Our Team

Meghan and Ross Abraham Read more

Meghan and Ross Abraham


As husband and wife, Ross and Meghan have countless conversations about their own health journeys and have the same standards for their customers. They pray that this service gives their customers a sense of peace, knowing that their health is in good hands, and that is simplifies their customers’ lives.
Ross has a background in business and marketing and does a lot of the behind-the-scenes tasks that Meghan just doesn’t do so well with. Not only that, but he also is labeled as the “burger boy” the “delivery guy” and the “grocery getter”. He is crucial to FreshFuel Meal Prep and brings so many skills to the table on production days, as well as all the days leading up to it and delivery days afterwards.
Meghan has a background in psychology and is a certified holistic health and wellness coach that has been practicing for almost seven years in the online space. She thrives on conversation with clients and customers and finds lots of joy in getting food on the tables of wives, moms and empty nesters! She’s known as the “chopper” and the “plater” and makes sure all the meals are bagged up correctly and on their way to good hands.

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Sarah Broussard


Sarah Broussard is a mom of 6, married to her husband that she’s known since she was a kid and a health food chef. She graduated from the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute (4 year degree) in 2003. As an athlete, healthy food was always important to her, but after her second child was born, she started doing Crossfit training where she truly learned how to properly fuel her body. In 2013, she started cooking meals for a few friends and fell in love with feeding people in Southwest Louisiana real, whole food that made their bodies feel great. She and Meghan met through FreshFuel meal plan groups and then Sarah actually became Meghan’s 1:1 thyroid coaching client. Their ideals around health food aligned perfectly and God had it in store for them to have more conversation surrounding it. She has joined Ross and Meghan on their journey to begin and to grow FreshFuel Meal Prep and thrives on serving people healthy, whole food.